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We are a innovative and technology distruptive firm dedicated in providing effective marketing solutions for the real estate sector.

Ski Resales

Everything you should know

We have a combine expertise and capabilities across several industries including but not limited to the real estate sector, software engineering, marketing, public relations, e-business, e-commerce development and communication technologies.

Right from establishment as a private limited liability company. Ski Resales has been positioned to solve mid-tier problems - the middle of the bell curve where real estate developers and housing agents face an ever evolving technological and marketing challenges which require resources beyound their own.

Innovative Services includes

  • VR Technology (Virtual Reality)

    Because VR places users in a whole new world, we've developed an advanced VR experience. Impress your buyers by showcasing your proeprty with our amazing VR view.

  • Interactive Maps

    Skiresales.com maps are accurate, easy to use and good-looking, they offer property sellers several competitive advantages in making real estate marketing decisions.

  • Online property Listing

    Engage new customers with our verse number of property buyers who visit skiresales.com looking for the right property..

  • Associate program

    Take advantage of skiresales.com associate program, get over 20 associate members to sell your property with ease.

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